Problems while exporting midi track to audio

Hello everyone. I have few problems while exporting midi arrangement to audio in cubase 10.5. Firstly, the audio is silent when played in vlc or media player. And if i import into Fl Studio, the audio quality is totally different/bad from the one i hear in cubase. I have tried to export in all formats and there is no mixer plugin which is doing it ( i am sure of it). Please help me. I need to export my track to audio for a project urgently.
Thank you.

How exactly are you going about exporting your midi tracks to audio? Details are needed if you want someone to be able to help.

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I cant upload pictures for some reason. It says you cant add media in a post…

I can’t even paste links to the screenshots… Kindly guide me how can i do that. I am new to cubase and these forums.

Try to describe your situation with words step by step. Please use the terms seen in Cubase (like menu entries, dialogue names, etc.).
Dou you have midi tracks and want to record them onto audio tracks to finally mix everything down to a stereo file? Which equipment do you use? How do you have your cabling set up? Or do you use virtual instruments (VSTi’s), if so which ones?

You probably haven’t “earned” the right to post those types of things. I’m not sure what else to suggest that hasn’t already been mentioned. Maybe a moderator can kindly enable your abilities?