Problems with 64bit Addictice Drums under Win7 Home Premium

I just tried the 64bit public beta version of the drum plugin Addictive Drums from XLN Audio with Cubase 64bit unter Windows Home Premium 64bit.
When Cubase tries to load the plugin Cubase crashes. The support from XLN Audio told me that they can not reproduce the problem nor is there someone else who seems to have the same problem.

To get closer to a solution I would like to know where Cubase writes some error logs. I got a message that there were files generated called WERInternalMetadata.xml, appcompat.txt, tmp.mdmp. But I can’t find them in the directories specified. Is there another log file that could be helpful?

Any hint would be helpful.

Cheers Bernd

I had this when I had addictive drums in the template and changed to the AD 64 bit Beta
Try opening a blank project, rescan plugins, close cubase and then reopen a blank project and load AD in the rack, see if you still have the problem, that worked here.


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Finally they are working on a 64bit version!
Awesome!!! :smiley: