Problems with Acid Loops

I’ve dragged an acid loop into a Cubase audio track. It (the first instance, anyway) plays correctly, however:

  1. I cannot stretch the loop.

  2. The loop sounds at its original tempo even if I change the project tempo.

  3. If I do a CTRL/D to duplicate the loop, the second instance of the loop does not play properly for the first bar (or maybe part of the first bar).

  4. If I copy or move the loop to later on the timeline, the loop may sound at a different pitch.

I’ve encountered these problems with other Acid loops in Cubase.

In the pool, for the line corresponding to the loop, there is a blue X in the checkbox under the Musical Mode column. My understanding is that this is supposed to mean Cubase will recognize the loop as an Acid loop. Just for ha-has I cleared that checkbox, but the problems remained.

I’m still a relative Cubase noob, having jumped the sinking Sonar ship. What’s the secret sauce that will make Acid loops work properly in Cubase?

Thank you.