Problems with Asio vs Windows pc sound

Ive been struggling to try and get Cubase 12 to work alongside Vid tuts. C12 works with its own single use Asio Videos dont use Asio so cant run them together? Kinda spoils the flow. I have to power up a separate pc system (I may have to live with it for learning. )

I gather Asio conflict with Windows sound is a well known problem and its a real PITA having to shut down C12 so as to view a tutorial on YT then having to restart which takes a fair time while its checks all its licences etc. Has anyone found a way to switch to windows without having to shut C12.

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I think you might need to read the manual to get a good workflow with Cubase .
Release driver in the background option

VST Audio System Page (

The gold solution a lot of people have found is: RME. Their drivers have always been the best in any way. If you use an RME interface you just don’t have any driver issues. This quality has its price, though.

There might be other good solutions out there but because I use RME I don’t have to look.

Yes I think I tried that, and it reverts to Windows sound driver, BUT I cant get C12 to open Asio when returning, so no sound unless I restart - what a pain


so this guy sells hardware interfaces - no mention of Asio s/w

How is this going to work by using $$$$$$$$$$$ hardware for a Steinberg problem left to us users of C12?

Nooooo, it’s the way your system is configured , plenty of tutorials and thousands of users doing exactly the same as you ,so instead of blaming make sure your system works well ,by the way what is your system spec ?

Hahaha, funny reply. No, this guy (pointing at myself) merely knows what he is talking about.
The audio systems of both Windows and MacOS made it impossible to use multi-channel audio on these computers in a professional way. They were not design to handle this task. That’s why Steinberg invented ASIO back in the 90’s. Part of the solution was to NOT use the OS audio systems.
Now, Apple has created an acceptable audio sub system for macOS in the meantime, called CoreAudio. That is working ok.
On PC, however, Microsoft went through several audio systems (MME, DirectX, WDM, WASAPI), all of them were not good enough for professional audio work. Recently Microsoft enhanced WASAPI in a way that it might be ok to use it as the basis of a DAW. However, in order to really get to the level of ASIOs capabilities they had to use the same trick that ASIO uses since the 90’s: they circumnavigate their own audio system. It is called WASAPI Exclusive mode and gives you the same headache that you have now with ASIO.

But - it is possible to write a Windows audio driver for an audio interface that can use ASIO and WDM/WASAPI at the same time. This is what RME does (and I am sure they are not the only ones). Cheap interfaces usually don’t have such quality drivers. What audio inteface do you use?

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There’s also a setting in windows for the same thing I think. I can’t remember exactly where it is now, but it’s where you choose your audio device for Windows and then configure it. I think there’s an “exclusive” setting there as well.

On my MOTU 16A I can access the interface both by Windows (via VoiceMeeter plugin) and by Nuendo (ASIO) simultaneously.

Well thnxs 10^6 JM that was most informative well above my level in audio s/w h/w . I want something that works conveniently especially when I am following all the hundreds of Vids I will have to go through to gain a most ability at fluent usage.
I remember experiencing latency when attaching my KB to a Reason 6 Daw and it certainly deprecated the experience (delay of ca 0.5s). Till I found Asio4all and it was a revelation of course.
However, is it not possible to use C12 under the Wasapi driver. During vids I can tolerate a KB delay as it wont obstruct the learning process?

BTW you explained why pros use Apple and Pro Logic. I couldnt face transitioning after so many years living with the Windows compost heap.

In fact as an aside - I couldnt face making a Tut Vid to How to use Windows PC - What a mess that is so full of convoluted machinations. Im on W12 and the way M$ had screwed up the handling of a printer spool after all these years working seamlessly???
I daresay DAWs have evolved in a similar way. Notice how the industry has taken simple concepts and massively cloaked them in knobs and sliders etc (mostly unnecessary but can sell FX’s etc for 10x their value. (eg there’s no sound difference between a sawtooth wave with leading edge vs trailing edge - but throw it in with its own bells and whistles and add $$$$$

$1600 ru avin a giraffe?

Well I havent found one yet or I wouldnt be here. Have u got a link?
IMHO most of the vids out there are clickbait/ Infomercials/promos/egotrips/waste of space etc Such a humungous time waster.s buts its what we have got
There are some gems out there of course - eg Dom Siggy

My spec is Acer W12 16Gig i5 + 5Tb storage. onboard Realtek sound card (no asio). Works fine so far for my needs. If I get serious competence I may need to UG

What is recommended? I gather CPU loading can become an issue


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I might suggest the Motu M6 interface if you’re looking for a quality ASIO interface at a good price. I’ve run it for 6 months with Steinberg Cubase, Wave Lab, Spectra Layers, Groove Agent, and Halion without issue. My i7 PC has a Realtek onboard sound card like the OP (that I’ve disabled in Win 11 Device Manager, BTW) and everything runs fine (Ozone RX10, Waves keys, iKmedia B-3X, Kontakt 7 keys, and UVI keys keys and apps, plus all web and Windows devices, too) with the Motu ASIO driver. Truly an amazing interface, IMO.


I’'ll take it from your replies that you are not looking to have a good quality audio setup but that you want to make do with what you currently have.
You have Windows and a Realtek on-board audio chip as an interface. The current Realtek audio driver does not allow to use Windows and ASIO at the same time, it is either one or the other. So, kindly follow @FilterFreq advise and switch on the option “Release Driver in Background”. With your current setup you will not be able to listen to Cubase and Windows sounds simultaneously.

Your choices:

  • use one or the other, but not at the same time, as described above
  • buy an audio interface with drivers that allow simultaneous usage of ASIO and Windows sounds
  • switch to another DAW that works with WDM/WASAPI instead of ASIO

Are there any ASIO audio interfaces that does not support multi-client being sold today?
I believe all the established brand’s are at least.

It would seem not all brands offer interfaces with multi-client support after all. I just got confirmation from M-Audio support that none of their interfaces do. (Strange since some of their older, now discontinued, models did.)
Steinberg’s UR22C should however support it and is <$200.

Haha! I’m not sure you’re being entirely serious with your request. But if you are, then I apologise and would say you have to get an audio interface rather than try to use a Realtek built in chip. Good luck!