Problems with Audio and MIDI output


I just got Cubase 7 last week. Everything has been running smoothly, but I am having trouble getting the output to go through my speakers.

My speakers are connected to my computer’s audio output (pale green colored speaker cord) and I am using a Steinberg UR 22 Audio Interface (I got this to plug my audio instruments to it). I tried telling my VST Connection to send output through my computer speakers and not through my UR 22, but the only option available is through my UR 22.

Now when I set up the beat designer to a GM Drum Map on a MIDI Track and make a MIDI loop, it plays through my speakers fine, but when I try to do this the way that the tutorial specified (create a VST Instrument in Devices Menu, Select Galion One, Then create a MIDI Track for it), The track control shows that it is making an output, but I cannot get it to come out of my speakers. Also, I cannot get any of my Audio to output through my speakers.

I have connected my acoustic guitar amp to one of the outputs on my UR 22 and was able to get the audio to come out of it, but I was hoping there was a way to get the speakers to work the way they are. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You could also try posting your question here:

Lots O’ ‘UR 22’ info.

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