Problems with audio pool when opening and switching between multiple projects

Hi there,

How to reproduce:

  1. Open two similar projects
  2. Utilize the “Lightning” button to activate/deactivate one of the projects - feel free to switch from one project to the other at will
    (Make sure you switch forth and back at least once)
  3. Go to your active project
  4. Open the Audio Pool
  5. Use the search function at the bottom of the pool window to search for an audio file
  6. Hit ENTER

What is supposed to happen:

In most cases, I get a list of results in the pool window

What instead happens (Cubase 13):

One of the two cases have been observed:

  1. Cubase crashes with a crash report window
  2. Pool starts audio playback of selected file, not search
    (window focus seems stuck on the stop/play buttons)
  3. Also please note the coloration of the button, the text is white and hard to read for it being recognizeable as a search button

Can’t reproduce. After hitting ENTER there’s always the list of matching files displayed. No crash, no coloration. If a result is selected in the list and ENTER is pressed, the audio is played back. The key command for the ENTER key is assigned to Transport/Start (Cubase default).

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That kind of makes sense. Do you think that comes from switching between two different pool windows (Project A ↔ Project B) ? If a result in Pool A is selected and you switch to Pool window B to search something, it assumes that you still have a result selected and just triggers the play button?

Well, I think there is an issue with the ENTER key assigned to playback. After using it to play back an audio file it does no longer work in the search field. Then, the “Search” button has to be clicked to start the search.

Agree, it should be more accessible / adaptive to user interaction using the keyboard for an operation like this.

I am still trying to reproduce the crash it does. This happens not often enough for it to be securely reproducible. Sometimes I can work in the project for hours and it works normally. In other situations, just hitting the ENTER key inside the pool window just crashes Cubase instantly