Problems with Automation and 5MC

When a large Project gets huge Automation datas, the Eucon desk with all its controllers does not react as necessary.
The Faders do not read its correct position when jumping in the Timeline until it gets new position informations during playback. Also the Faders does not react when you change to Trim Mode. All Faders and knobs react sticky. The Software-Window of the Nuendo-Mixer reacts as normal but the Eucon-Controller does not. But: A Tascam US2400, connected with Mackie Control protocol parallel to the Eucon Desk works fine :exclamation:
This Problem is not new. It is the same with Nuendo 6.

We have the same problems in both of two Studios. (Win7/64, Nuendo 64bit, 16MByte Ram, 5MC 48 fader with newest Firmware and newest WS-Driver)

These things have no effect on it:

  • number of tracks or plugins
  • Number of used soundfliles in the project
  • Any system-ajustments in Nuendo
  • Decreasing the size of the Eucon desk from 48 to 8 Faders

Any ideas? I will try everything I didn’t until now
Best regards