Problems with Control Room

Hey guys,
I picked up a copy of Cubase Artist 7 today and got everything installed just fine, or so I thought.
I can’t get any sound out of the audio previews of the loops in the ‘Loop Browser’ section. After checking a few fixes both on forums and Steinberg’s own resources, it seems to be a problem with the output bus that can be fixed in the ‘Studio’ tab of the VST Connections window. I went through the VST Connections tab and there is no ‘Studio’ tab, just ‘Inputs’ and ‘Outputs’.

All screenshots and video tutorials that I’ve seen in relation to this show ‘Inputs’, ‘Outputs’, ‘Group/FX’, ‘External FX’, ‘External Instruments’ and ‘Studio’.

Is this a flaw with my installation or is there something that is blatantly slapping me in the face that I can’t see?

If anyone can steer me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


Cubase Artist 7 does not include the Studio tab because it does not include the Control Room feature. Go to your Outputs tab and remove any outputs there, then add Stereo Out back in. It should show with an orange speaker (indicating it is the default output). Now are you able to hear Preview? If not, what version and build do you have installed?

Ah, very good. The screen shots in the manual show the tabs and I got confused.

I did a complete re-install and the audio files are playing and previewing correctly.
Thank you for your help.