Problems with copying from imported MusicXML file to an empty template

I am very disappointed with Dorico.
Dorico can not do even the simplest copying commands, I received a XML File from the conductor of the FilmOrchestra I am working in to write my own voice for that , so I wanted to copy the Piano part to a empty File I prepared , it was a total disaster to just select everything from this Piano System but I figured out how to do it, then I copied it into my prepared empty File there it shortened Bar 9 to a 2/4 Bar , I don’t know why I mean there should no reason to be doing that.
I am so disappointed with Dorico I am working with it over 3 years now and everything is working so cumbersome in it, I always loose a great amount of time
even with simple things, so bad.
Here are my Files try for your self and see how bad it is.
I See You v2 (Avatar) Rhytm Section.dorico (1001.1 KB)
I See You v2 (Avatar).dorico (1.7 MB)

How did you prepare your empty file?
I can see from the rests that bars 9 and 13 are going to be treated like 2/4 bars.


I note that if I go to the piano layout in your “I See You v2 (Avatar)” file (the file containing the score), use the System Track to select the whole thing, copy and paste into a new project (File > New from Project Template > Solo > Solo piano), bars 9 and 13 come in just fine at the correct length.

My suspicion is that when preparing your rhythm section file, you added the double barlines and rehearsal marks and then remembered that there’s a 2/4 bar at the start. It’s possible to do this stuff in Dorico, but you need to turn on Insert mode or manually add the required beats back in, as otherwise Dorico assumes that you meant what you wrote when you initially added the double barlines and rehearsal marks.

In most cases it makes much more sense to bring in your required settings from a template file, using the Library Manager, than to copy and paste music out of one file into a template.

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Hi Pianoleo
Thank you very much, for answering so fast thats great.
I forgot to post my empty File here it is, and the original XML file I received.
ZFO Rhytm Section.dorico (850.7 KB)

I See You v2 (Avatar).xml (285.7 KB)

I never used System Tracks, so I will try if these works.
Yes in my empty file I prepared double Bar Lines and Rehearsal Marks, but I deleted the and tried again and the problem is Bar 8 and 9 , I copied now every Bar separat and noticed that when I copy Bar 9 and past in my empty file it changes from a 4/4 to a 6/4 and I don’t know why?

it seems to work what you said.
I just deleted the double bare lines and rehearsal marks and used the system tracks to copy the whole staff, but how can you know to do it like this.
I mostly used “shift-cmd-a” and " ctrl-cmd-a" with cmd-clicking Key-Sig and
cmd-clicking Meter to copy the whole Staff.
Most intuitive for me would be to click the Staff-Name and then cmd-a for selecting all for copying

Why not simply copy the original file and remove all the players that you don’t want?
I See You v2 (Avatar)-Piano.dorico (598.9 KB)
(It took 7 clicks)

actually a good idea
but I changed many chord symbols e.g. from Cmaj7 to Cj7 etc…
if I could do things like this globally in Dorico then it would work for me I guess, but you have to do it for every written chord so if I would change lets say Dbmaj7 to Dbj7 would have to do it again, you have to do it for each Root separately

Bringing in the settings (including your customised chord symbols) from your template via the Library Manager would be a similarly small number of clicks.

I do understand that there are copyist teams for film sessions around the world that continue to insist on copying each line into a part template file in Sibelius and Finale, just as they have done for many years. It’s not the quickest way to work in either of those programs, any more, and it has never been the quickest way to work in Dorico.

I actually worked with the Library for importing the Settings in a BigBand Project
but it had so many things missing after that so I thought its not good enough and did not use it since , maybe I have to recap what was happening there, as I can remember i had some trouble with the Font Styles and the Paragraphs Styles

Wow I have to say I am very impressed with this Forum

Thank you very much