problems with cubase 6 64 bit

hi everyone, i’m facing troubles with cubase 6 64 bit. my 32 bit version works fine, but my 64 bit version makes these awful stuttering sounds. please help me what can be the issue? thanks.

Are you using 64 versions of your plug-ins? Also, what are the specs of the system? Some older processors may be 64 bit “capable” but will struggle when running a 64 bit application (compared to a 32 bit).

The issue persists even without any plug-ins, just the audio tracks.
i got an i5 processor 3.80gb X2, 8G RAM. its fairly new and I know its capable of running 64 bit.

anything else maybe?

How many tracks are you playing and at which sound card latency? And the 32-bit version that runs fine, is it on the same computer with the same number of tracks and latency?

with the 64 bit even with one track it causes this problem. and on my 32 bit i can run 50 tracks with 256 latency with no issues.

The 64 bit Cubase and 32 bit Cubase are totally separate programs with their own settings. Have you checked that you are using the same buffer settings? For example, maybe you have the buffer setting very low on the 64 bit version and somewhat higher on the 32 bit version.
Check for other settings or preferences that are different between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions that might cause a difference in performance such as Steinberg Audio Power Scheme, etc.