Problems with Cubase LE license activation

I’ve recently obtained Cubase LE license via buying Zoom H2n Handy recorder (Cubase LE license came as bonus for this device).
While following download instruction I confronted several problems and stuck with it.
(My PC is HP laptop with Windows 10).
I’ve successfully download and installed Steinberg Download Assistant and then downloaded Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5. This program requires License Activation via eLicenser Control. Still after providing my activation code to eLicencer I get “Enter Activation Code error”: “The currently installed version of the eLicentser Control (eLC) software is too old”. I have latest eLicenser version though.
Please provide any possible help, thank you.

No valid License found.png

You’re probably being misled by an incorrect error message: "The Activation code is not “too old”, but is of an incorrect format.

The reason is most probably that you are trying to enter your “Access Code” that came with your hardware.
Instead, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Register with Steinberg by creating a MySteinberg account
  2. Enter your “Access Code”
  3. In return for your registration and Access Code, you’ll receive an “Activation Code”.
  4. Enter the Activation Code in eLicenser Control Center.

Thank you very much for provided solution, it was exactly right! My mistake was in taking wrong code. So I’ve used activation code from MySteinberg account and everything is fine now :slight_smile:

hi I recently bought a zoom h8 it says that I comes with Wavelab and Cubase but I dont know how to get them. I mean when it ask for a activation license which I dont have and I dont know where to get. Any help? Thanks.