Problems with Cubase LE6 Sample Rate

Hello there everyone!

Was wondering if any other had this kind of issue with Cubase. I’m using a soundcard hardware called “Zoom R8” and been having this problem with getting any sound out at all.

I’ve been into the setups checking what’s going on and it seems like I can get sound on in other programs on the computer by the soundcard itself. But as fast as I start Cubase it starts struggleing. It stands in the top left corner that “the sample rate is not supported by the audio hardware”. It’s 44.1khz which is the same in the audio hardware and i’ve installed the latest drivers and all.

I also went into *Devices > Device Setup, i’m using the Zoom R8 ASIO driver since the latency is way too slow on the Full Duplex ASIO driver. And it also stands that the Output & Input latency is on 0 which means there’s something really wrong. And i’m 100% sure that it isn’t any problems with the computer itself. If I missed something or if you wonder anything about hardware or software feel free to ask.

Best Regards, Ulf