Problems with Cubase native plug-ins


I am experiencing a technical problem with the native plug ins inside Cubase (5).
Suddenly all the templates vanished and I cant call up any predefined settings. Whether it’s reverb or distortion I can only manually adjust the values until I get what I want, but this takes a long time. Any ideas what has happened? I am quite concerned as I am in the middle of something and would prefer not to install the software again.

Many thanks

You may need to re-scan for presets in Media Bay.

Thanks Jaslan I’ll try to scan the Media Bay as you suggest, not sure how to do that but I’ll figure it out.

@ Steve many thanks for your reply. Actually what I meant was this: if I want to apply ANY effects plug in, native with Cubase, then I am not able to choose templates or presets. Say I want some nice reverb for large hall. Well, no matter what reverb I open I wont be able to scroll down any presets and this is not just annoying but it makes it extremely hard to figure out exact amounts.

Hopefully that helps to understand whats going on. So strange. What a nuissance this all is.
Thanks everyone!!

Thanks Steve, how do you scan for plug ins/VSTs in Cubase, Im a bit new to this DAW. Would you mind giving instructions to how you overcame the issue? That would be great!

My understanding was that New1 was missing the presets of the plugs, not the plugs themselves.