Problems with cursor position upon pressing record

hey folks, im not 100% why im having such a hard time figuring this out but I was hoping to figure it out on here, when im stitching parts of a track together, say a verse to a chorus, when pressing record, the cursor will move back in the track, it will not start the recording on the grid point I put the cursor on, this is incredibly frustrating seeing as its not moving back in any general pattern, sometimes it will move back to the last beat, sometimes it will move back only a few milliseconds, I just want it to start recording with a count in where put the cursor! thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you have the Count-In enabled, please?

Yes! Click is enabled and set to count in, but the second I hit record the curser jumps backwards in the project and starts recording from that point!


When count in is enabled, the recording has to always start at the beginning of a bar. Only the had the count in sense. Therefore the cursor always jumps back to the nearest Bar start, then is the count in and then the recording starts.