Problems with drum notation tuplets

Hi steinberg team, I’m not a native english speaker so I apologize for any grammar mistake that you could find.

1-The problem is this: I want to create a sextuplet whit the first note in the bass drum and snare, but when i try to do this, Dorico create a new sextuplet and honestly is anoying.

2-Another problem is that te sound of the cross stick is the same sound that the regular snare drum.

I think that is importatn to mention that I have Dorico 3.5
Those are my problems, please help me.


  1. It’s entirely logical that Dorico needs those upstem AND downstem tuplets, due to how drum staves are built (a kind of condensed stave ancestor). I am just wondering whether you can simply use the properties panel over one of these tuplets to make the number and the bracket not show (I don’t see why not).
  2. If a playing technique does not play, it’s because something is not set up properly. Use the Setup mode>Drums playing card> Edit percussion settings >Snare>Edit playing techniques to check whether a side stick snare is setuo and which playback technique it triggers. If everything is fine there, chances are that the problem comes from Play mode, where you set the percussion maps up. First, check out your vsti panel (right panel), there’s a cog next to the name of the instrument that plays your drums. Click on it, the last column is the percussion map one, check there’s something there. If there is, then that something is not properly set, so you can edit it (Play menu >Edit percussion map). Check that the snare instrument has a line for the side stick playback technique : this is the MIDI note triggered, it might be wrong, so you can copy-paste the line yo the right midi note (check your instrument documentation to make sure which note triggers the dide dtick sample).
    Sorry for this long answer, I hope you’ll understand the way it works — quite simple and logical, still there are many reasons for this not to work as expected!
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Tank you Marc.

Very helpfull the second solution that you gave me didin’t work at all, I mean I checked and I think everything is set up correctly, but still doesn’t sound as a cross stick.

And the main problem is still anoying I tried with your advice, but the problem with it is that now I can’t group the nothes together, and it looks awfull and very hard to read. However I tried with other solution that I found in the web, and it’s good but now i can’t erase the silences that appear, Any advice for that? I will appreciate your thoghts.

I have to say that I tried using two tools. The first one is the opcion called “erase rest” and I tried with the window that appear on the bottom of the composition window, and nothing the rests are still there luaghing at me.

You should be able to remove the rests from the lower voice by selecting the note right before each rest and then select the option Ends Voice under Notes and Rests in the Property panel shown below your score window. You should see this option after selecting the note.

To remove the rests, I believe what you need to do is right-click the bass and snare notes and select Percussion → Change Voice → Up-stem Voice 1, so that the down-stem voice is empty for those measures.

The Starts Voice and Ends Voice switches (which is what Remove Rests uses) don’t work for five-line drum notation.

In Dorico 3.5 cycle, you’re not able to remove rests from percussion staff (yet) with normal voices. The only solution available is to use an “extra voice” you can find in context menu>Percussion>change voice to>new upstem/downstem extra voice.
I’m sorry I messed up cross stick with side stick. There still must be something wrong in that “routing”, otherwise it would work. If you want to post your project (even without any note on it) I could check it out :wink:

Unfortunately there aren’t ideal solutions for these kinds of cross-voice tuplets at present. You might find that choosing to notate this kid in a single voice by using the option on the Percussion page of Notation Options is preferable.

However, we know this is all pretty unsatisfactory, and the handling of both tuplets and rests in percussion kits has been a big priority for us for the next version of Dorico, so help is (slowly) on the way.

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