Problems with Export to MP3/Audio AND playback

Export to mp3/wav is broken.

  1. Sometimes I get silence over my whole audio file. And the funny thing is that previously in the same project the export overwrote the 10-15 seconds with silence, then after working with the project for a while it was 2-3 minutes. And now it’s silence over complete project (around 6 mins). This is for both Wav and Mp3. So when I keep adding stuff, the amount of overwritten silence increases. I have gotten it to work sometimes by luck, and sometimes maybe by deleting all the extra bars (which were meant for sketching and the safekeeping) at the end of the project.

  2. And yes the playback works when exporting. Well, not always, there is a bug too and sometime for some reason the playback goes totally silent even though the instruments have all loaded properly and can be played in Halion Sonic SE interface. This is usually when Dorico crashes intermittently crashes loading the project (see a bug there too) and then you load it again you can’t hear anything. You can fix this by restarting and loading the project.

  3. Export to audio (when it works) doesn’t care about the tempo markings at all and it exports to around 120 bpm. Actually I got it to work only once. When I changed tempo to presto (to 172 from 132). Then I changed it back to 144 bpm (did nothing else) and guess what…export to audio added around 20 sec more silence to the beginning.

I have used better-working betas than this “release” version.

I’m sorry you’re having problems with audio export. We are aware that on some systems there appears to be problems with exporting audio, though we’ve not yet been able to determine the cause. Could you please follow the steps outlined by Ulf in this thread and report back?

Yes, as mentioned in the other thread, please try and press the ‘Rewind to Beginning’ button on the top right side of the Dorico window (the one left to the Play button). Even if the position display already shows ‘’, still, please push that rewind button before invoking an export. If you do that - I believe - every export shall succeed.

And one more precondition must be met. In order for export to succeed, the piece needs to be played back at least once, even if it is just for one second. Pushing the Play button initializes some data structure which is also needed for export.

Please try and report back.

Regarding the ignored tempo markings, we have not heard about this before. I also can’t reproduce it. Created a piece with different tempi and it plays back and exports in the expected way. Could you please upload a demo project?

We’ve now found out the underlying problem with silent audio export and fixed it for the next update.

Try the following workaround:

  • Press the Rewind to Beginning button on the toolbar
  • Press Space quickly twice. This starts playback but then stops it again before it outputs any events.
  • Now do File -> Export Audio

The reason for the bug is that the state wasn’t being initialised correctly when audio export starts, and so it is left at the state of wherever playback last stopped. So if you have played to the end of the score, the whole score is silent. If you played back part-way through, then you may have silence up to that point.

Tried this solution and it worked great on the first piece. Next day I tried another piece with no success.

I to am having the same problem, I tried the suggest solution and it worked then didn’t then I let it ‘just’ (paused it the moment I heard audio) hit the first note and exported and it worked. Have not tired it again since then.
I’m running on a windows 7 box.

-Off topic-
Apart from these bugs, I understand this is version 1 and these bugs are to be expected, running a trial and despite these bugs and the midi export and then import into cubase loads up different vst patches from Dorico. I’m still really wanting to put coin to this, I enjoy it. I really like the feel of this software. Composing music feels better than Sibelius. Keep up the good work. And good luck to the dev team, this must be tough having to tackle these little bugs.
Can’t seem to find a post that we can just report bugs on.

Please be a bit patient. Paul has a fix that will come out with the next update this month.