Problems with {@flowcomposer@} and {@flowtitle@}

{@flowcomposer@} and {@flowtitle@} work as expected inside an instrument part. But sometimes I need to add a blank page at the beginning to make the page turning work properly. So I create a page template that includes the layout name, composer and title to be used as the first page. The {@layoutname@} works as expected, but the {@flowcomposer@} and {@flowtitle@} do not.

They’re set correctly in the project info and appear as expected on the first page of the part. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? I am including an image, but I can upload a sample file. Any help is appreciated!

Flow tokens can only automatically resolve if there’s a music frame on the page.
You can work around it by using explicit tokens, such as {@flow1composer@} and {@flow1title@} (where the number 1 is the number of the flow you wish to reference).


Alternatively, use fields for the Project, rather than a specific flow: project fields always resolve, even if there’s no music on the page.

In this case, it is a collection of pieces from different composers. So if I need to add a blank to make page turns work, I need to use the flow information.

Or one could say, “This page left blank,” and let the player turn the page for the flow information.

The first page must at least identify the instrument. Most of the time, the instrument name and the score title work fine. But this score is a group of pieces, by different composers, that are not played in any predefined order.

Adding the Instrument/Player Name on the blank page did not seem to be the problem in your example above. Neither should the Project name if this is the first page of the entire “booklet.”

You’re right. I should have mentioned the title and the composer. This score is a collection of pieces by different composers. So each movement (or flow) has a different composer. I also wanted the parts of each flow to be a separate part, since not everyone would want to play all the flows.