Problems with Hypnotic Dance Presets

Hope someone can help as this one is annoying. Hypnotic Dance will start up but will not allow me to load any of its presets, the presets will however load in halion. The other vsts seem fine, dark planet works like it should both inside and outside of halion. Any sugestions? This is really annoying to have to load up full halion just to use hypnotic dance. The hypnotic dance vst is installed, its vst version 3.6.13 and 3.4.40. I’ve tried reinstalling hypnotic dance from the download assistant and that didn’t seem to make any difference.

The standalone version of Hypnotic Dance has been discontinued. The introduction of the free version of Halion Sonic SE 3 made it unnecessary, and the current .vstsound file isn’t compatible with the standalone version.

You can fix your installation of the standalone version by reinstalling it using this file:

Does that brake using the presets in Halion?

Also why is there an installer for Hypnotic Dance in the Absolute collection?