Problems with Inter app function (Music studio)


I have a big problem since the last IOS

I have been using Music studio for 11 years. I also have a large collection of ipad Synths, among them my favorites are kv331 and Synthmaster One.

Before, you couldn’t open from the Inter App kv331, but you could do it manually and it worked for both playing and recording a wav track.

Now I have to manually open them all (Kv, One and Synthmaster 2, which I also have, all these being software from the same company), I get the keyboard to access the selected sound, but the recording of the track is not possible.

I have other synthesizers like D1, Sunrizer, Audiokit, and some more, but my favorite sounds and where I have invested the most money are those three products.

Could you check what I have told you?

This is clearly a software compatibility problem. Could you solve the problem pleased?

It doesn’t just happen on my 2 ipads. It also happens on my iphone 7.