problems with mapping AKAI midimix controller

when I finish mapping my akai midimix it works fine but after closing cubase 8.5 and opening it again , everything that I mapped does not respond to the controls (knobs,fader,buttons) that were mapped
can anybody she’d some light as to why this could be happening?

I’m assuming you’re doing the Mapping in Generic Remote? If so, did you hit “apply?” Are you sure all the controls were correctly “Learned?” In my signature there’s a link to a thread that has extensive information on Generic Remote setups. It took me some time to get my Generic Remote working well, but it is now and the effort is certainly worth it.

After you’ve setup a Generic Remote, try exporting the file, then re-import it and hit “Apply” Check and double check all the assignments both on the physical keyboard and in the Generic Remote. Good luck. :slight_smile: