Problems with merging tuplets in insert mode

I am tidying up an imported MIDI file and when trying to merge tuplets using insert mode, things go a bit wrong.
I start insert mode, remove the tuplet numbers, make a new tuplet, exit insert mode.
Often it works fine, but when rests are present in the selected notes - to make the new tuplet with-, it often doesn’t. Notes get lost and once even all the remaining notes in the staff disappeared.

It would be really handy if one could just select two tuplets and merge them into a new one with a single step, even if it is just the basic ones like two triplets into a sextuplet.


I agree that being able to combine two existing tuplets would be a useful editing operation, and it’s something I hope we will be able to include in a future version.

In the meantime, could you post a specific example of a situation where you get unexpected results so we can take a look?

Okay, the following just happened:
I started insert mode, removed the tuplet numbers, made a new tuplet, didn’t like the result and pressed cmd-z. All following notes (that were there beforehand) disappeared. Pressing cmd-z some didn’t return them.

Again, very happy to look into specific problems, but that’s not something that will fail in Dorico in general. Can you provide a specific example that exhibits this behaviour?

Hey Daniel.

I tried to reproduce the issue but of course now it doesn’t show up. In case it happens again, what would you like? The .dorico file?


Yes, please, it’s always easiest to diagnose problems if you can provide the Dorico project and a set of steps for me to follow to reproduce the problem.

Okay, it happened again.
See bar 241 in the attached file.
I press i for insert, delete the 3’s from the two triplets in the second beat.
I select the notes (g to g) and press ; for making a sextuplet so I enter 6:4.
The third beat is gone.
I press i to end insert, press cmd z a couple of times to revert it all and then all notes from 242 on are gone.

kutzooi.dorico (2.9 MB)

Your composition appears to have a peculiar title, is that a recurring thing? :thinking:


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It’s an artistic expression of frustration :wink:

But on the subject: I noticed that when rests are present in the triplets, unexpected behaviour happens, like the last couple of selected 16ths not becoming part of the sixtuplet. I can then manually nudge them in but still, it doesn’t happen with just 16th notes in the triplets.


Thanks for this example. I can see what’s going on here: basically the presence of the rests in the set of notes you’re trying to re-tupletify is throwing things off.

You have a couple of options while the program behaves this way, I think. The easiest one is to temporarily add dummy notes to fill in the gap in the span that you want to become encompassed by the tuplet, then remove them after you have made the tuplet successfully.

The slightly less easy one is to switch off Insert mode, select the span that you want to be added to the tuplet, and create the tuplet: this will not delete any music, but will not “pull” the final G 16th note back into the tuplet. Select it and hit Alt+left to move it back into the tuplet. You will be left with an 8th rest between this 6:4 tuplet and the next one: show the caret after the rest and hit Backspace to pull the remaining music back into the right spot.

Obviously this should be easier to do. Simplest of all would be the ability to directly change the ratio of existing tuplets, and perhaps even to come up with a way of directly combining or splitting them. These are definitely things we want to work on further in future versions.


Oh, yes please!

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(and yes, directly changing the ratio would be lovely!)