problems with meta data when mastering cd


having some issues when mastering my final audio cd montage and hoping somebody might help. I have filled in all of the fields in the meta data tag however when i burn a cd, windows media player is not seeing the artist name or track titles on playback - just says ‘track 1’ and ‘unknown artist’.
This worries me since if these fields are not being recognised then perhaps the all important ISRC codes might not also be registered. Am i missing something obvious here. I really dont want to start the entire process from scratch and i cant see any obvious fields i have left blank. Should i have to RENDER the file when complete ?. Any help or suggestions appreciated.


If in the CD montage you filled in the CD Text and ISRC then burned the CD you should be good. You can check by importing the CD back into Wavelab with the Read ISRC and cd text enabled. Windows Media Player doesn’t read CD Text without an additional plugin afaik, so you’d need to get the wmp cd text plugin to read the artist and title in Media Player. Or check for artist and title in a car player. But neither the car player nor WMP will read the ISRC on the CD afaik.

Possibly look at EAC on windows, or XLD on mac to see all the info in an alternate CD checkback. I’m not sure they will see the ISRC though. Would need to test for that.

Thanks very much for the speedy and accurate response. Just tried it on the car stereo and reads the track and title information fine.
And i thought the computer was never wrong !. I really never considered trying the car stereo to test it.
Thanks again.


I would still check for the ISRC in a Wavelab import, and EAC import, to make sure. They’re probably fine but really should check. And now that I think of it I’m pretty sure EAC reads ISRC.

Have done a cd import with ISRC and CD text enabled and all is fine. I was almost at the stage of re-doing the entire project so this has really saved me loads of time and effort. Many thanks for your time and knowledge. What a useful tool.