Problems with MIDI...Cubase SE

Hello !

I am going for a longer trip and thus I thought I’d take my laptop running old Cubase SE with me. To make system simple I bought small AKAI LPK 25 controller to use with Cubase. Installed everything, no probs at all. Now, I can select my AKAI as a input device for MIDI and if I create a MIDI channel I can record midi data from the controller. But problem is I cannot hear selcted VSTi whilst playing keyboard…until I try play back what ever was recorded - then the VSTi set as midi out for that midi channel plays ok.

What am I missing ? No sound during recording but sound during playback ?

AKAI is connected to computer with USB cable. As midi data is registred when playing it should not be soundcard issue ?

Any help highly appreciated…


Hi !

Got it…Midi Through was not ticked in preferences.

Sorry 'bout bothering you.