Problems with MIDI in Cubase

Let’s see if I can explain what is going on. I am using a demo version of Cubase Elements and thinking about buying perhaps. I have always been a SONAR user an currently own SONAR Professional.

When I do a project in SONAR, my MIDI Device is an “Oxygen 25”. I play my notes and chords on it and record MIDI. Now if I select a midi track in SONAR, let’s say Violins, that track is routed to my East West Gold PLAY for example, Channel 1 where I would have Violins. I play my Oxygen 25 and I only hear the Violins. If I click on MIDI track 2 and let’s say I have Horn there, all I hear are Horns. Nothing else plays.

Now in Cubase, I can’t seem to do that. I am running an instance of Kontakt with Sonokinetic Grosso and one instance of PLAY with Horns. I MIDI recorded some triads on the Grosso track, but when I try to record on the Horn track, it also plays the Grosso track.

This never was a problem in SONAR. Depending on which track I select, only that specific track would respond to the MIDI signal from my Oxygen. In Cubase, every track responds to whatever I play on the Oxygen. I can’t seem to get around this. Also in SONAR my Oxygen shows 16 MIDI ports, in Cubase it shows no ports.

Any ideas? Is it Cubase Elements? Do I need a better version of Cubase?


Are you running EWG Play on an instrument track, or in the instrument rack?
If the latter, you should be able to assign different midi tracks to the instrument, all playing on a different midi channel to access the different sounds.
Note that in Cubase, just selecting a track doesn’t let you play the instrument. You have to press the ‘monitor’ button on the track (speaker icon) to play that specific track from your keyboard.