Problems with MIDI in Rev2/Cubase

I have a recurring, highly illogical problem. I’m using the Prophet Rev2 for various songs in Cubase. In some songs I have no problem recording MIDI from the Rev2, and it plays out fine from the MIDI track. In other songs, I play from the Rev2 and it records fine in Cubase. But the MIDI track afterwards does not play the Rev2 at all. I can even play the Rev 2 from other keyboards through that Midi channel (when input is set to “All MIDI Inputs”), but the MIDI track itself gets no sound from Rev2. All the settings in the Rev2 and Cubase are exactly the same as in the songs where the MIDI track DOES play the Rev2. What could possibly cause this illogical and frustrating problem? Thanks for any suggestions.

Ah, I found the problem. I’d seen the MIDI loop problem mentioned in other posts, but couldn’t relate it yet to my issue. Now I saw that all the MIDI notes were doubled, ie. I have to erase the doubled ones. I still have to figure out why the Rev2 is sending 2 MIDI signals. Elsewhere someone wrote “turn off multi-mode”, but then I can’t hear the chords I’m playing. Anyway, whew…I least I know where the problem is.