Problems with MIDI Keyboard after updating to 4.1

OK, maybe I miss something, but after updating to 4.1 I can’t “audition” Sounds.
When recording on a staff (no matter which instrument) my Arturia Keylab MkII get’s recognized and Dorico records the data. But while writing and also while recording there is no sound at all. But playing back notes is working. So not a general Playback problem . When I open older Projects everything works just fine, so neither a problem with the Arturia. Do I miss some preferences???

There’s a setting in the Preferences which might be affecting your problem.
Edit menu, Preferences, Note Input and Editing, scroll down on the right to find the Auditioning section and be sure the option “Play Notes During Input And Selection” is checked. If not, then click on the little white box to put a checkmark in it. If it’s already checked you could try unchecking it and then clicking APPLY in the lower right, then put that checkmark back in the box and again click APPLY and exit the dialog and see if that fixes your problem.
If not, then I’m out of ideas and hope someone like Daniel or Ulf responds.

Also, make sure that MIDI Thru is on. However both this and the option to play notes during selection are application preferences, so should always apply.

If the problem only occurs in some documents, then that suggests the solution is in a project setting.

HI @Greyscale any relation to Grayscale of VCV Rack/Eurorack fame by any chance?

No, sorry to disapoint you :rofl:

@benwiggy @dhbailey
thanks for the tips but that didn’t change anything. Both options where already ticked. Interestingly as I tried it now I got a sine wave playback, so I guess it is not a preference thing anymore :sweat_smile:

OK new information on that:
I tried it again. Setup a new file, nothing works. I can audition when clicking on the note with the mouse but not with the keyboard. At some point I get a sinewave signal or random other sounds when playing the keyboard??? It doesn’t matter if I use Kontakt or any other player.
BUT: After I set up the project, save it, close it and re-open it, it works just fine. This is strange and I would like to know what the problem is, but at least there is a work around.

Hi @Greyscale , I think you experience the same issue as reported in this thread.
Is your default playback template also set to Silence? If not, can you please explain, how you set up a new project? Thanks

I saw that thread and glad to not be the only one :sweat_smile:
I always start with an empty project and therefore use Silence as a playback template. Most of the time I start with a piano for sketching and right now dorico gives either no sound at all when using the midi keyboard or gives out a sinewave or the dorico beep. Playback in general still works. As I already mentioned re-opening the project solves the problem and also adding another player to the project.
Now I tried switching to the noteperformer playback template, opened a string quartett template. At first also no sound, do I click on the second or any other staff with a different intsrument it works again.
So no matter if I have silence or noteperformer or any other playback template at the beginning dorico seems to have an issue with not beeing able to audition the sound.

As I just wrote in the other thread, the team has already a fix and it will go public with the next release.