Problems with midi out

I’m having various issues with the MIDI out feature. I am trying to connect Dorico with a DAW (I’ve tried both Ableton and ProTools) with little success. I am routing through the IAC Driver (on Mac) and have the following issues:

• Dorico crashing when I try to change any MIDI output settings or play the score.
• No MIDI outputting. On one occasion I got audio to play in Ableton, but then it stopped again.
• Only outputting MIDI when in Play mode (not playing while in Write mode).

Perhaps I’m missing a trick here, or is this an issue with Dorico?

The problem may be that Dorico is also listening on the IAC device, causing a MIDI feedback loop that will almost certainly bring the whole thing crashing down. Take a look at this earlier thread to find out how to prevent Dorico from listening to the input of the IAC device.

Thanks very much for this.

I looked at the other thread and can’t find the preferences.xml file – any idea where it should be?

I did try turning off the “MIDI Input” feature in Dorico 2 preferences UI. Is that the same as editing the preference.xml file?

Doing that did give me an output, but all the notes are getting stuck so perhaps there’s still a loop somewhere…

The preferences.xml file I think is in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 (you might need to open the Terminal and type ‘open ~/Library’ to access this as I think it’s hidden by default on mac).

Even if you turn off the MIDI input preference, this doesn’t quite do what you think. It turns off the use of MIDI for note input. Dorico still receives MIDI data, so if you have an IAC feedback loop then this may still cause problems.

Yes, that did it – thanks very much.

For the benefit of anyone else, here’s what you need to change in preferences.xml: