Problems with my license

Hello, very good afternoon, I come to you for help regarding the license to open my CUBASE AI. My key is on my hard drive and by keeping my laptop all my information was erased.
I try to install everything again and it does not give me any code or license because I am installing everything again.
Please, how can you help me to solve this problem? I don’t know how to reactivate my license or renew it in its absence.
I have already entered my license to eLicenser and it does not give me the activation code, the problem persists.
I can’t get the activation code.
What proceeds in these cases?
Will I be able to reactivate my license and obtain an installation code or will I have to buy a new license?
I am really desperate and somewhat annoyed.
I am very grateful to anyone who could guide me in solving this problem. Thanking you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Here is how to reactivate the license.