Problems with new VST soundset demos.

I’ve had problems with the demo versions of Dark Planet and Triebwerk and to a lesser extent Hypnotic Dance.
I installed all 3 at the same time, all 3 show up as VST instruments but the sounds are missing for Dark Planet and Triebwerk and none of the 3 are listed in Halion 4/Halion Sonic as they should be.

The installers need some more work it seems.

Hypnotic Dance sounds nice I would like to add all 3 to my Halion collection maybe but I hope to demo the others first.

I get this error in the VST version of both Dark Planet and Triebwerk:

Hypnotic Dance is listed in Halion 4 but no presets:

Hi i have the same problem on my mac i think you will fine that they are vst instrument’s now and the sound do not work in halion /se but only on the vst themselves .but i do think steiberg have messed up as they should not show up in halion now but they do on my system but do not load.



Thanks Terry,

I can only get Hypnotic Dance to work as a VST. I have not been able to demo the other two at all.

Hopefully Steinberg can get it fixed. :sunglasses:

According to this thread it looks like there’s a HALion update coming to fix this.

Cool, thanks fstaudio. That’s good to know. :slight_smile:

I now have all three demos working after a reinstall …but none show up in my Halion Sonic full version.

I had the same problem. Nothing is broken however. In the halion sonic you need to rescan the media. You notice a round arrow on the search bar, press that.