Problems with note selection

Probably I am missing some command. In an ordinary succession of notes, the selection from left to right and the other way stops after a few notes and does not embrace the following ones. It does not happen all the times -only sometimes, and I can’t guess why.

Any chance to understand the problem and to find an issue?


We’re busy working on better selection tools for Dorico. For the time being you might find it easier to drag your mouse out over the notes you want to select. Every object that is entirely within the marquee rectangle becomes selected.

You can also Ctrl/Cmd+click individual objects to add/remove them from a selection.

A follow-up question: I find the selection behavior extremely disconcerting—the fact that an object must be completely inside the selection rectangle trips me up nearly every time, as it is not how the tool works in any other program I’m aware of. Any plans to change this behavior, or is there some intention behind it that I’m missing? Thanks!

I’ve wondered about this behavior—I find it incredibly disconcerting. The selection tool trips me up nearly every time, resulting in missed objects. Is there some intentionality behind this that I’m missing? Thanks!

I think you can find pros and cons in both approaches, but one reason we have erred on the side of caution is that with potentially such a large number of selectable objects in what could be a very tightly spaced passage of music it could be even more annoying if dragging out a selection with the mouse automatically picked up considerably more than you wanted.

We will be extending this selection behaviour in future updates to make it easier to add/remove objects from the selection, both by dragging again and also by filtering certain types of object.

In Finder (Mac) and File Explorer (Windows), when you select files with a marquee, you can see the selected items in real time. This is probably quite demanding performance-wise, but it might help if some future version of Dorico were able to do this as well. You don’t have to guess what the program is going to select when you release the mouse, if you can already see it.

Ah, maybe that’s what I’m finding disconcerting—the fact that the selection only takes effect on release.

(Sorry for the double post! I’ll be more patient next time…)