Problems with perc staff layout

I would like to have a kit with the following layout as shown on a five line staff but I keep getting a 6 line staff in the score, which I don’t want, but I’m not sure why that’s happening. Any thoughts? Thanks

In Layout options… there is a setting to show percussion in single line instruments, 5-line staff, or percussion grid. You need to ensure that you have the correct option set.

I don’t remember off hand, which sub menu it is located under.


Thanks Robby, I found it and fixed it. Now I’m wondering why I don’t see the instrument names unless I click on a note and it shows then disappears.

If you click on a note, right click, then go to percussion, you can display a “legend” (a text name of the instrument). You can do it for all instruments, to just the one at that moment.


Having some luck with that but not ideal. I still have 6 staff lines instead of five (even tho it is set at 5) and still can’t get rid of that.

Can you attach a screen shot?

In the layout option, under player, in the percussion subsection, you should see this:

Make sure that you have 5-line selected for ALL layout (if that is what you want).

It might also help if you align instruments correctly in the percussion kit editor. Make sure every instrument has it’s own unique space or line:


Robby: I have it set up as in your first screenshot above. Also

, each instrument is on its own line or space. When I look at just the part it shows correctly, but when I go to the full score, it appears as in my screenshot. Oddly, the sus. cymb (top line in part) ends up on an extra line above the staff.
Another maddening thing is; I have made these instruments into a kit, so there are sus cym, tam and bass dr, but since the kit is named percussion 2, that’s what I get when I need “go to …” + the new instrument name, which shows up briefly when I select a note. I can use legends to get the full name of the instrument, but not abbreviations, and I still can’t get rid of the “go to perc” instruction, by delete or set alpha channel to zero. If I could at least do that then I could shift+x add the instrument names.

Finally solved it by going to options in the Percussion section of the Players page of Layout Options and changing it there. I wonder why you have to go to 2 different places to do that?
Still can’t change the “to perc” to show the correct instrument tho.

If it goes changes “to perc.”, click on the first note in the percussion part, right click, and in the menu there is percussion. Click on that, and in the menu you will see show legend for sounding instruments or for all instruments. (All is for showing all of the instruments that kit has, sounding is just the ones currently selected at that rhythmic position I believe).

Then if you select for sounding instruments you will get the names, like this:


Thanks for the reply Robby. The way I have perc 2 set up for one player is the crotales always in G clef, then a five line perc. kit with, from top, sus cym, triangle1, tr.2, tam, tr. 3, bass dr.
In edit perc kit if I put in whatever name then regardless of instrument it will read "go to i.e. perc.2 or bs. dr. " and that’s what it will say regardless of the next instrument. In using legend for sounding instrument I then get the correct name for that instrument but in a smaller font, and not abbreviated or editable. All seems unreasonably complicated to me, maybe it being an xml from sib 7 changes the way it works?

I believe the name is editable if you’d like. And now I see more clearly the issue you are bringing up.

Here is what I got:

In the properties panel below, you can set it to use “short name”.

And I don’t believe you can get rid of the “To Perc.” and the “Perc” at the moment.


You can change or remove the instrument change labels if desired by selecting them in Engrave mode and changing their properties.

Thanks Daniel, looks like that will do the trick, and thanks for all your help Robby