Problems with playback in Dorico 4

Yesterday I had perfect playback in Dorico 4 and today it has stopped. None of my computer audio settings have changed. I’m on Mac 10.14.6.
Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Yes, please load the project again and from the menu choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (1.2 MB)
Here is the zipfile. Thank you.

Hi @petermakesnoise , looks quite normal but 2 things I’ve noticed:

  1. You are set up to play out via the Loopback Audio 1/2 ports, is that what you expect?
  2. The outputs of channel 12 and 15 of HSSE are soloed, which in turn mutes everything else. Please press F3 to open the mixer window and then clear the solo state of those 2 channels.
  3. But unrelated to the playback issue, you are still on D4.0.0 but could upgrade for free to 4.0.10. That newer version contains about one hundred bug fixes. Simply grab it via the Steinberg Download Assistance. Just get the Dorico installer, the sound contents is same like before.
  1. Yes, I use Loopback for my audio routing.
  2. The outputs are muted as I am using flows each of which use a different instruments so I need to mute the instruments that are not needed for a particular flow.
  3. I will try upgrading.


Hi @petermakesnoise , so you still have no audio then, right?
What if you open the mixer window (F3), does it show metering during playback, especially on the output channel? If so, then the problem is most certainly outside of Dorico. Does the green playback cursor move?

The update has not solved the problem.

I’ve created a smaller sample of a few bars to test and included the diagnostics file again.

A few strange things happen:

  1. the violin sound is absolutely different to the sound yesterday. It’s almost as if a different set of samples are being used (much less violin-like) and pizz markings are not rendered as a pizzicato sound.
  2. Each attacked note of the playback is accompanied by a strange artifact, which sounds like a violin sound at a very low frequency.

Can you tell from the diagnostics file what the problem might be?

Dorico (952.7 KB)

Try going to Play > Playback Template and reapply the playback template you want to use. If you’re not sure what to choose, choose HSSE+HSO (Pro) and click Apply and Close.

Hi Peter, that what you explain now appears to be more like a problem of the endpoint configuration, and that I can’t see from the diagnostics data. However, do as Daniel suggests by reapplying the playback template and see if the problem then goes away. Please report back. Thanks

The problem has now been solved. I’m not sure what solved it, perhaps the update but it’s hard to be sure. The HSSE+HSO (Pro) template had not changed.
Thanks for your assistance,