Problems with recording or importing midi drum data

I’m new to Dorico and have run into some problems.
First: It seems, that you cannot record drum miditracks. Try this: Open a Jazz template and hit record. No problem for piano and bass. But there gets nothing recorded on the Drum Set track.
Second: I’ve tried to import some drum patterns from EZ Drums or Superior Drums by drag and drop directly into the score. No success. It will always open a new score. Same, when dragging from the explorer.
Any help?

Search for superior drummer 3 percussion maps in the forum, there’s a thread where very high quality maps are shared for free. I could import midi tracks from SD3 directly into Dorico but *it requires that the percussion set is mapped correctly before you do that *. Otherwise, the data corresponding to each instrument has nowhere to go, since the instruments do not exist :wink:
Jestermusician’s excellent percussion map for SD3
Use the template that comes with the maps.
Hope it helps.

Hi Marc,
thanks for your answer. Tried the percussion map, did not change anything. When I try to drag and drop midi on the superior drummer track, a new project will be opened. When I try to record to it with a midi keyboard, nothing appears on the track.
What is going on? This works with every DAW and with Overture 5, I recently used.

You have definitely assigned a percussion map to that channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog? Without a percussion map chosen, Dorico doesn’t know which MIDI pitches on your keyboard should correspond to which drums.

Of course I did. Try using the Jazz Trio Template. You can record Piano and Bass, but not drums. Even though they are assigned to Yamaha XG and Halion SE Stereo GM Kit. I can here me playing the drums, but they get not recorded.
And the problem with the opening of a new song when importing midi to an existing track persists too. Did you try it? I’m on Win 10, Dorico 3.512

Are you dragging and dropping your MIDI from Superior Drummer onto the track in Play mode, or on to the staff in Write or Engrave mode? Importing MIDI by dragging it onto the track is only supported in Play mode.

In general it’s definitely possible to record drums in real-time in Dorico, so there’s some kind of configuration mismatch that’s causing this to fail for you. What settings do you have on the Note Input & Editing page of Preferences regarding the mapping of percussion pitches?