Problems with recording with TASCAM US122 MK-II

Hey guys!
I’ve just bought this set to start to record some simple stuff: An TASCAM US 122 MK-II, a Shure SM57, a Cubase LE5 & an Asus G75VW

I’ve plugged in everything like the manual.
I’ve plugged like so:

Shure SM57 ->Right Microphone input-> TASCAM US 122 MK-II → Asus G75VW using the Cubase LE 5 that comes with the US 122.

I’ve set the TASCAM on mono.

I’ve changed the BUS on Cubase to mono.

If I plug some headphones on the US 122, I can perfectly hear the mic…
But… no sound comes off the computer… and Cubase doesn’t pick up any sound from the mic.

So, I checked the SOUND on the Control Panel, went to Recording Devices. And it said: Line in - TASCAM US 122. But if I made any sound near the mic, the sound levels didn’t change…
So, thats my problem, the computer doesn’t pick up any sound from the TASCAM. It recognizes the device, cause I’ve installed every driver, etc… but it doesn’t pick up sound…

Any ideas?


Start here …

As far as the Tascam goes, you don’t need the mono switch on unless you are directly monitoring your mono input signal (Input/Computer knob set to “Input”) and want to hear it out of both L/R channels.

You will generally want to leave the Input/Computer knob set all the way to “Computer”. This is necessary to hear anything coming from your computer through the Tascam.

With the Tascam ASIO driver selected you have to monitor through the Tascam (headphones or powered speakers or amp to speakers from the L/R RCA line outputs).

If you are using the right input for your SM-57 make sure you have the switch set to “Mic/Line”.

I would highly suggest doing some studying of the fine product manuals and then go back through the topics of this forum. It shouldn’t take too long to find approximately 9,574,863 other posts almost identical to this one :open_mouth: .

First, I have checked for some similar problems, but none of the solutions helped… Obviously I didn’t look through ALL of them… so I decided to ask…

I checked that topic you posted, and I’ve done that already… No sound.

I don’t think the problem is the Cubase, I think the main problem is the computer configuration, or maybe in the audio interface, but I’ve decided to ask in the Cubase forums because it is one of the few that are not almost completely inactive, and features a lot of people that know about recording.

Thanks again

Did you try importing an audio file into Cubase from, for example, an audio CD? Are your main stereo output meters registering anything when you playback that track?

Can you play a file from Windows Media Player and hear output from the Tascam without Cubase open?

Is it possible for you to post screenshots of your VST Connections inputs/outputs and of the inspector area for your audio track?