Problems with scale/chords colouring and note correction when following the chord track

I’ve got a track set to follow chord track and live input: scales. There are inconsistencies with note behaviour (pitch correction etc) when using scale/chords colouring when sync’d to the chord track. There is something very wrong here. Some notes are coloured red (for not in the scale) when they clearly are in the scale. Also, the pitch correction process seems to be erratic. For example, I’ve got a chord and melody sequence that repeats (No changes). In the 2nd one, a note is showing as red, whereas in the first one the note shows as blue. The settings for scale assistant etc are the same. 2 exactly the same in every respect, but one showing a red note.

This feature needs to be tested properly by someone

Cubase 11, Windows

What, specifically?

For clarity, this format is best to use to report bugs.

Specifically, as I’ve said above

I’ve got a chord and melody sequence that repeats (No changes). In the 2nd one, a note is showing as red, whereas in the first one the note shows as blue. The settings for scale assistant etc are the same. 2 exactly the same in every respect, but one showing a red note.

I shouldn’t be wasting my time reporting bugs of this nature. The software shouldn’t have these fundamental bugs if a rigorous testing procedure is followed.

Certainly you shouldn’t. But if other users don’t experience the issue, a way to reproduce it is needed. I have not seen this myself. This also serves to reveal an error in the reporters observation of the settings being used, for example, chord symbols placement…

I’ve had this happen when a note is located just slightly into an earlier measure where there is a different chord. Quantizing it to beat 1 then changes the color.

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Thanks. But this isn’t the case for me. The notes are 100% quantised.

It’s a shame I can’t put a screenshot in here.

But are the chords also?

You should be able to now,

I’ve had this happen on and off for several versions. Never found any pattern to it or way to replicate so difficult to report @steve . I think under some unknown conditions Cubase makes an off-by-one error when calculating where one Chord ends and the next begins.

I bet if you select one of your miscolored Notes and move its Start a tick or two later it will change to the correct color.

Fortunately it is easy to make this go away and it is related to this

There is a feature to adjust for this without needing to Quantize the notes. In the Chord Track’s Inspector you can make the Chords take effect earlier or later than the actual Chord Event by using Shift Chords.

You should be able to just copy the image and ctrl+V to paste it here.

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I know this is very arcane – but it might be due to a rounding error. The internal resolution of Cubase is higher than midi ticks, and occasionally there are rounding errors. Don’t know if that’s happening here though.

That was gonna be my next suggestion…

Appreciate the suggestions. But for a professional sequencing package that is meant to be aimed at serious professional workers, saying that you need to offset events by 2 ticks, this is like going back to the 80s or 90s in terms of technical competence in the way Cubase has been programmed. It’s beyond belief.

I am a programmer. And there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why a user should have to make this adjustment. This is a solveable problem at the coding stage prior to release, and clearly Steinberg’s testing is not robust.

I want to be concentrating on the creativity, not solving Cubase bugs. That is why I pay hundreds of pounds for a sequencing package.

I thought I’d give this forum a try, so that I wouldn’t have to create my own YouTube channel on the many bugs I’ve found. So I’m hoping that Steinberg step up their testing, which seems sorely lacking.

Sounds like you know what you’re talking about, so I’ll mosey on…

You may be overreacting a bit. This isn’t something that occurs with any frequency judging by posts here (i.e. none) - it is a rare thing. When I say I’ve seen it before I mean a 3-6 notes out of tens of thousands since the Chord Track was Introduced. On those occasions I’ve either ignored it because I know the note is in the Chord, or used Shift Chords if it caused an issue (like with LE presets).

Shift Chords isn’t there to adjust for miscalculations. It’s purpose is to compensate for the inherent variation in timing when playing live - very similar to Display Quantization in the Score Editor. It just happens to resolve this situation too. For all we know you could have accidentally set Shift Chords to +2 which would also cause the symptoms you are seeing.

I suspect the reason this hasn’t been fixed is because it occurs so infrequently the devs have never actually seen it. Right now I’ve only heard of two people in the known universe who have seen this - you & me. Mine occurred several years back in Projects unknown now. So you possess a valuable asset to fix this - an actual example of the problem. Can you use Backup Project As… to create a new Project from the problem Project. Strip everything out of this (especially audio & any intellectual property like melody lines) except for a Track or two with a few Notes that show the issue along with the Chord Track (delete all Chord Events not needed to demonstrate the issue). Then post that example Project back here.

The fact that it hasn’t been reported much doesn’t mean it’s uncommon. Statistically very few users actually use forums to report bugs.

As for making a special project, stripping a project down to bare essentials and then posting it here, I’m afraid that I don’t have the time or inclination to do this. I thought I’d post the problem to be of service to other users and also as a free bit of de-bugging for Steinberg.

Keep a lookout for my new YouTube channel if you’d like to find out more about this bug and others. There’ll be a full description and video showing the exact problem.

You must not read the Steinberg forum then. Over there there’s lots of bugs being reported, complained about and discussed. Do you read that forum?

Did you check if the chords are quantized?

Many thanks. But yes the chords are quantised.

I’d guess that YouTube channel will be a lot more work than making an example Project.

And at this point I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that making an example Project would take much less time than I personally spent today trying to offer you some assistance.

So… you are welcome

I had the same issue, in the key editor select scale assistant en check ‘Use Chord Track’, this solves your problem.