Problems with staff justification

The piece I’m currently working on in Dorico2 is giving me problems that I seem to spend more time on trying to fix than on inputting notes. The current one is that when I complete a new stave on a blank page, the next stave doesn’t appear below it on the same page but skips to a new page. My setup stuff was all set to defaults. I also have a blank last page that I can’t get rid of, despite the fact that I’ve read every thread I could find on this. So what can be causing this. I also get stuff shown in the pic happening.

It’ll certainly be something in your Layout Settings: but hard to say without inspecting the document.

Dorico will normally put as many systems as it can fit on the page: unless you’ve set a specific number of systems per page. Other settings, like inter-system space, can affect the result.

Your image shows two systems crashing into each other, which usually suggests Dorico has been told to force two system on the page when it thinks it can’t.

Thanks for the reply benwiggy. Under setup vertical spacing all is set to default. I did play around with the justification thing to adjust it to 65/80 and I’ll see if that helps.
I still can’t get rid of the extra page at the end which I suspect may be causing the problem?

I’m wondering what happens if you grab the forte marking in the bottom left corner of the page and go Edit > Reset position.

Please either attach the project or send it to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll take a look. If you email it to me, please include a link to this thread so I can remember what I’m supposed to do with it.

I have reset the vertical justification to 65/80 and unchecked “justify frames when…” box and for the time being it seems to be straightened out and the extra page at the end disappeared. Still don’t have a clue why any of this happened or got fixed tho.

Difficult to tell without examining the file, but I’m curious.

Are you willing to post the project, or a small portion of it? And did you try resetting the position of that forte that pianoleo mentioned? I thought the same thing: its placement looks a little suspicious.

Well I’m still having the problem this morning so I’ve sent Daniel a zipped copy.

P.s. the forte was in the right place before the crunch. Don’t know why it ended up where it did.

Hi Daniel,

I’m very sorry if I’m repeating a ‘known issue’, or simply being dense, but I’m working on a score that, if I make a simple adjustment to one page (moving a dynamic or creating a pedal marking, for instance), Dorico decides to reformat the page before it — with dreadful results. Strangely: undo makes the issue worse (Dorico keeps on making unwelcome adjustments, crushing everything together); I can’t reset the staff spacing (Dorico feels that this is the best result — not a red box in sight); and, if I save the score after all of this, closing and then reopening the file actually fixes the problem. The score looks just as it should. Of all the odd behaviours, this last ‘fix’ suggests that there’s a software issue. Thoughts?

Judging purely by your description, I think this may be a cousin of this other bug, which was fixed:

PRS, by all means send me your project (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) with a description of where the problem is happening, or attach it here.

The positioning of the f sign happens as a result, and is not the cause. I have similar problems and Dorico encreases the distance between staves and items at will when working on other points in the score (in my case a fz-sign - dynamics problem?). Tried to upload a video, not possible.
Happens with different projects.

By the way: Why am I not able to post something new a few minutes after opening another post?