Problems with The Grand 3 in REAPER v7.07

I just bought Steinberg Absolute 6 a short while ago and installed The Grand 3 on one of my PCs (Windows 11, latest version).

I’ve had issues with The Grand 3 in REAPER 7.07 (did not test on my other DAW, Digital Performer 11.3) like REAPER project not retaining saved status (always warning that the project was modified despite multiple saves in a row without anything else being touched) and the MIDI clip playing back a sequence with The Grand 3 loaded not able to perform undos.

I did a test where I used the very same REAPER project but replaced The Grand 3 with another of my VSTis (Korg TRITON Extreme VSTi3) and everything behaved normally.

Now maybe it’s a performance issue. The Grand 3 is my first “proper” big piano library and maybe I need to adjust some things. The PC used has intel i5 eight generation and 12 GB RAM.

I installed The Grand 3 on my most recent PC on an external SSD and it works fine with REAPER now. It must have been an issue with the spinning drive on my older PC. Everything seems good now.

I’ve had the issue again with The Grand 3 in REAPER. It seems to be happening only when I dock The Grand 3 in the Docker user the right-click option “Dock FX window in Docker.”

When The Grand 3 plugin is not docked, it behaves normally but when docked in the Docker, I get the previously mentioned issues.

It’s not a big deal, I just have to keep the plugin window undocked and things seem to be fine.