Problems with the Mixer in Elements (Cubase pro project)


I have opened a Cubase Pro 9.5 project in Cubase 10 Elements, however not all Channels appear in the mixer and when I make them appear, only individual channel types can be displayed at once but in any case I get no sound.



Cubase Elements has limited count of Channels. But you should see and hear all channels. They just shouldn’t be editable.

How did you make the appear, please?

Hi Martin,

I simply wanted to open a Cubase 9.5 Pro project, in Cubase Elements 10 Professional.

Are you saying the Channel count limit is across all channels as a whole or just by type?

If the former is the situation, then I find that most disappointing and archaic to say the least.


Here you can see the limits of the tracks/channels count in Cubase Elements. But as I said, you should see the channels, and they should be audible. Only not editable.

Thanks again for writing.

I am unable to scroll tracks horizontally in Cubase Elements Pro 10.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Btw, I still wonder what license do you own? Cubase Elements 10 or Cubase Pro 10?

Cubase 10 Pro but I was trying out Elements.