Problems with the Nugen Plugin Monofilter 4 and rendering in WL

I cannot get the Nugen plugin “Monofilter 4” to render in WL 12.
I can get it to render in Sound Forge, Audition and Reaper. I have the latest WL version and have the latest Nugen Plugins.

I know that there have been problems with Nugen plugins and WL before but that was a while ago. Since it works in three other DAWs it is not the fault of the Nugen Software.

What happens is that it goes through the rendering process but the rendered file is the same as the original with no processing. HELP!!!

Thanks in advance…

I reported rendering issues with Nugen plugins to Nugen nearly 10 years ago now and they don’t seem interested in correcting their plugins to render correctly in WaveLab.

I haven’t even installed their plugins in years because of this.

Well, that’s disappointing.

Do you use any other tool for what NuGen MasterCheck does?

I know WaveLab has an encoder checker, and I’ve managed to limp along with it…but, it’s somehow the most CPU-intensive plugin I use, or at least it seems like it. It also crashes WL more than everything else combined depending on how I bypass it. (It’s an odd experience)

Nugen has some AMAZING PLUGINS that I want to use on a daily basis. I wonder why Steinberg, who literally invented VSTs, has so many problems with WL and Plugins??? It is strange that WL will audition the plug in just fine but will not render it. I don’t know anything about computer programs (only took FORTRAN in College) but it seems to me that if these Nugen plugins work in other DAWs they should work in WL. What is the BIG difference between WL and other DAWs when it comes to VST plugins??? Maybe PG will chime in.

This is not the only problem with VST plugins and WL.

I’ve seen this before with other plugins over the years. Sometimes the developer fixes the issue when reported to them.

It’s easy to think this but over the years 99.9% of the plug-in fixes I’ve seen have to come from the plug-in developer which tells me that WaveLab wasn’t tested, or was under-tested, and corners were cut with VST3 coding.

Two obvious differences between WaveLab and Cubase/Nuendo is Clip Effects, and background rendering.

It seems that users of Sequoia, Pyramix, SoundBlade (RIP) and other more niche mastering DAWs suffer a similar around of 3rd party plug-in issues which again, goes back to the plug-in developers actually testing WaveLab and listing it as a supported host for their plug-ins. They likely don’t have the time, resources, or interest in testing more niche mastering DAWs.

Plug-in developers tend to list supported hosts for the plug-ins where as DAW manufacturers simply list which plug-in format their DAW can host (VST3, AAX, AU, etc.)

That said, there are a handful of plug-in developers that do write trustworthy plug-ins that perform correctly in WaveLab. FabFilter, DMG (good at responding to occasional issues), Goodhertz, Tokyo Dawn, Tone Projects, Plugin Alliance (most of them), Universal Audio (though they don’t list WaveLab as a supported host), Eiosis (fixed a no audio processing on rendering for me years ago), Make Believe/Metric Halo/Sontec (fixed a rendering quirk in WaveLab ASAP for me right after it came out), Schwabe Digital (spent a lot of extra $$$ in development making sure it worked in WaveLab since it’s a mastering plug-in), Sonnox, and probably some others.

NUGEN is one I wanted to use but just gave up due to providing them A LOT of info about the bugs I found and no action on their part. They are dead to me.

Sonnox Pro Codec but honestly, it’s been many years since I really cared about this. It was cool at the time to be able to listen to the lossy codec artifacts but since we can’t do anything about them and Lossless/High-Resolution is still slowly ramping up, I can’t say I’ve ever made a mastering decision (at least EQ related) due to a lossy codec preview.

I sent an Email to Nugen I will post any replies, if any, I get from them.

Thanks for the responses…

I got a “we received your email” but that is all so far. 3-20-24

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I think you can safely add Voxengo to that list as well.

Yes. I was just thinking of plugins I use today on a daily basis. I used to use Voxengo Elephant years ago but fell out of habit of using it.

Got as reply…

Thank you very much for getting in touch and for reporting your trouble with our plug-ins and Wavelab 11.

We have had some similar reports that we have been investigating specifically with Wavelab, but interestingly we have found that the problems seem to be more severe on Wavelab 12 (the latest update released by Steinberg). Either way, as you have mentioned, the operation of our plug-ins in Wavelab has not been smooth.

I had found that the rendering seems to be as expected with Wavelab 11, however there may be details of our sessions that are different.

They then asked me for a detailed report…maybe this will get solved… 3-22-24
I am sending them the report this morning…