Problems with the SoundCloud export function..

Every time I try to export to SoundCloud, I get this page where I enter my username & password - press “connect” - and have a new version of the same page appear - again and again…anyone else seen this?

Do you have cookie permissions on for Soundcloud? What if you log into Soundcloud first and then export from Wavelab?

Yes, I have cookies enabled. I’ll try later to log in first, and then export - although that kinda defeats the purpose of the feature, eh? One thing to note was that the page I reached, repeatedly, from WL had a button which said something along the lines of “you’re using an old version of SoundCloud - wanna try the new one?”. My SoundCloud account/page is the new one - I’m thinking perhaps WL is going or being directed to a stale URL.

Anyways - thx for helping!

Aha, yeah that sounds about right then. Maybe Philippe can shed some light on this…

I’m having the same issue with Wavelab 8.5 on a Mac. The issue seems to have to do with how the Steinberg Download Manager is handling the parameters passed back by the browser when clicking on “Connect” on the Soundcloud page. There is clear communication with the Download Manager. I can go more into detail on the communication, but essentially, The Download Manager is having a hard time executing the call back to Wavelab and kicks it back to Soundcloud.

Steinberg will need to look into it.

Same issue here, I have contacted Steinberg support with the reply that they have problems with it working too and have been working on it for at least 2 months now at this point. Depending on the root of the problem I was told it may take a while.