problems with unfreezing and refreezing tracks.

this is probably a simple fix and i’m just missing something.

i freeze tracks made with inter-audio apps. then i unfreeze them to edit them. then, when i re-freeze the tracks they seem to be streched…the timing no longer matches the tempo of the project. i have gone to each inter-audio app individually, and the tempo within the inter-audio app is the same as the project (though i’m not quite sure why that would even matter, i’m just covering all bases). fyi the fix that is on the ‘known issues’ list did not fix the problem at all…

what am i doing wrong?

Hi gamehits,

if possible please ZIP the project file and add a short step-by-step description how to reproduce the issue.
Please upload both to WeTransfer (send it to your address) and let me have the download link via PM afterwards.



Yup no problem. Of course you’ll need the synth apps. I’ve got one track that I’m trying to re-freeze, the rest are frozen. I’ve gone as far as to unload all apps, restart, reload apps, etc. nothing works. Simply try to refreeze track one.

well in the process of trying a few different things I’ve encountered some more ‘issues’ but some of these could be user errors.

I tried to delete all freeze files, complete reset, reload project and instruments, and freeze again. same results, but now when I play the IKminipro keyboard, my midi is not syncing between apps, and some other oddities have occurred. I’ve tried to edit/fix but to no avail. the file is quite small now considering they’re all midi files. is it possible I can just upload an attachment to you via PMing or some other format? it still won’t create proper freeze files from any track, and app instruments stopped working properly. it’s entirely possible I’m just dumb and doing something wrong, but I’d sure like to know. also, does it matter that I haven’t upgraded to ios8? I wasn’t planning to until I HAD to because of the hit on processor speed…

I hate to be so verbose but I’m going to leave you with one more note. After resetting everything, while I still had midi keyboard going to certain tracks no matter what I did, I discovered something else. When I hit your “all notes off” panic button, I found that the sync going to inter-app instruments was suddenly off. Even after several restarts. Does that button write something to the overall project in some way?

Thanks for the project file, gamehits.
We’ll try to give the issue a repro.

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue intermittently however could solve the problem by quitting and relaunching all audio apps connected via IAA.

Please have a look at the “Limitations of Inter-App Audio routing” chapter in the In-App help of Cubasis and give us a feedback if the following steps help to solve the problem:

  • Shut down the iPad and restart afterwards
  • Launch Cubasis
  • Connect all Inter-App Audio nodes (if necessary)
  • Perform track freezes

One additional question: What iPad device is in use at your end?



thanks lars

well you should know that I did the very things you suggested before I contacted you.

I’m using an ipad air w/wifi. also had a new problem on a new track today.

using strickly midi/instrument tracks, I created a number of sequences on 6 or 7 tracks. I then selected them track by track, to copy and paste the tracks to lengthen the sequences (essentially to add repeats). I then transposed by 2 semitones all the duplicates (except the drum tracks of course). the program crashed. when I reloaded, the track were there with the copied sequence, but the instruments had changed tracks (the instrument on track 3 for instance was now on track 5). i’ll pm you the link for that song.

I use this program pretty much every day because where I work I have an abundance of free time. also using an IK Irig pro with lightning for a keyboard if that helps…I have made sure that the keyboard has been reset to it’s beginning settings before I reported any of these problems…


Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the input, we are investigate.

I then transposed by 2 semitones all the duplicates (except the drum tracks of course). the program crashed.

Please can you send us the crashlog as private message ?


Crash log? Where do I find that? Sorry I’m not yet very adept with iOS…

  1. Sync your device with iTunes
  2. Retrieve the Crash Log
  • Open Finder (found in the dock)
  • Click on the ‘Go’ menu at the top of your screen, and select ‘Go to Folder’
  • Type (or paste): ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
  • Open the folder similar named to your iOS device