Problems with updating to Cubase 12? Please read this first before posting!

If you are running into issues with eLicenser server during the update, please have some more patience. The good old eLicenser server is once again getting closer to the limit of its capacity.

Please just try again later today instead of trying it over and over again right now. Each request for the update is creating another call to the server and will increase the current issue.

There is nothing to worry about. No license will be lost. No grace period update will time out.

If your Cubase 11 license name has changed into “non-upgradeable”, there is nothing to worry about. Actually, the update has been successful. It just means that the Cubase 11 license has been used to validate your eligibility to update to Cubase 12 and that it cannot be used to update to Cubase 12 again. You will still be able to use this license to open Cubase 11 and previous versions as usual.

Since Cubase 12 is making use of the new Steinberg Licensing system you will find the license in the new Steinberg Activation Manager.

The “old” MySteinberg website will only show you eLicenser based products. But if you open the new Steinberg Activation Manager and click on MySteinberg… in the menu you will get to the new product overview where you will find Cubase 12 in your account.

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Open the Steinberg Download Assistant, log-in and let the SDA run some updates.
  2. Now you have the new Steinberg Activation Manager on your system. Please open it and log-in.
  3. You can now go to the menu and click on “Grace Period Check…”
  4. The system will check if you are eligible for the update. Please make sure the the USB eLicenser is connected!
  5. You will be now directed to website and you can just follow the steps described there.

If the Grace Period Check tells you that it can’t connect to the server, you don’t have to worry. There is just a lot of traffic and you can try it again at a later time. Your Grace Period eligibility will not time out.

If you see this message in the Steinberg Activation Manager, this is also due to the high traffic on the eLicenser server. Don’t worry. As soon as the peak is gone, you will be able to get your grace period eligibility verified.

If your Cubase 12 license is showing “verification pending” in the Steinberg Activation Manager, then you have a preliminary license in your account that will let you use Cubase 12 for the next 30 days. The “non-upgradeable” license on the eLicenser will still allow you to open Cubase 11 as usual.

But even if that license is currently not shown or listed as “transfer pending” in the eLicenser Control Center, it will reappear once the license server availability is restored. Simply use the “Maintenance” option in the eLicenser Control Center then to retrieve the license - but again, please be patient.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience. This is one of the reasons why we had to make the efforts to completely switch our licensing system. But it’s just due to the peak on the server. As soon as the traffic will get lower, everything will go to normal again.


ok Thanks a lot for the reply maybe it’s due to server maintenance process but cubase 12 is not showing in download assistant nor in elicenser…It’s only showing Cubase 11 pro which I have activated on 11/12/2021 & I think I am eligible for the upgrade version of Cubase 12 Pro

Please have a look in the new Steinberg Activation Manager. That’s where the new Steinberg Licensing management happens.


Bought the Cubase 12 Pro upgrade two hours ago. Have not received a confirmation email with my code. Only PayPal emailed me. The software activation doesn’t show that I own any new product. Logging into the store account shows nothing. This is terribly frustrating.

It’s given No license for cubase has been found in your account, so your software cannot run

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In the Steinberg Licensing FAQ it says:

“If you are unable to run Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer, because for example you are working from a new location, you can sign in to the Steinberg web site using your Steinberg ID and release a license from there.”

I don’t see the option to release a license on the web site. Is this missing?

Did you already go through the Grace Period process?

I’m afraid this is slightly out of date. When we adjusted the licensing to remove the requirement to be online every 30 days, we changed the policy so that you need to ask support to release a license if you’re unable to access that machine any more.

Thanks for making us aware, we’ll update the FAQ.

It’s important to note that you can still release the license yourself if you can access the computer.

Thanks. I don’t need to release a license online, I was just curious.

after clicking from Steinberg activation manager on my steinberg it takes to My profile page but not on the products page… It is showing no product is found Don’t know what is the problem & how to solve it nor I know how to release the license from My account on Steinberg website…

Could you try opening eLicenser Control Center and running the maintenance tasks manually, does it mark your Cubase 11 license as “grace period eligible”?

On running the maintenance tasks eLicenser Control Center it’s it showing failed process

What happens when you chooses “Actions → Recover” from the menu?

Given this error on choosing “Actions → Recover” from the Menu

My cubase 11 license has changed to “Non-Upgradable” after I tried to upgrade to Cubase 12 from 11.
I couldn’t upgrade due to a network error on the e licenser, any advice on what to do next?

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This is an indication that the update has been successful. If you open Steinberg Activation Manager, does it show your license for Cubase 12 in there?

I’m sorry about that - our eLicenser server is quite congested at the moment. All I can advise is that you try again later once the demand subsides.

Yes, wasn’t sure if it would work as the license failed, I’ll run install and see how it goes! Thanks

I bought cubase 11 but i didn’t activate it. I want to activate it today for the grace period but it won’t let me. It’s too late? Greetings.

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