Problems with Vari Audio

Cubase 12 pro
MacBook Pro M2 Max


I am having some issues with VariAudio. I recently updated to Cubase 12 pro from Cubase 9 pro. I have an old project recorded with Cubase 9 Pro where I wanted to do some Vari Audio editing, but when I try to move the notes:

  1. The pitch doesn’t change
  2. The original note is still visible (the green-ish note on the screenshot).

I am used to just move a note and then it changes the pitch from Cubase 9 Pro. Is it a different method in Cubase 12 pro? Also, sometimes when I try to edit, a pop-up box asks me something about making a new version since there are other events with the same audio - something like that. I had a copy of the vocal track in this project, but I also tried to delete the copied track and only edit the original track, but I still can’t get it to work.

How can I solve this?

Thank you in advance.


As we can se in the window header, there are multiple Audio Events selected:

  • Vokal lead_05 (02): multiple times
  • Vokal lead_05 (07)
  • Vokal lead_05 (08)

So if you move one of the VariAudio event, you can see other event (of the original pitch) behind. Open only one Audio event, please.

Awesome, thanks Martin!