Problems With VST

I just upgraded from Cubase 5LE to Cubase 7 Artist. I set up my VST paths, and some of them will transfer over, but a couple others when I go to restart Cubase for the new paths Cubase freezes when loading. Anyone have some ideas?

Congrats, good move:)

“Legit” vsts?

If yes, which ones?

32 or 64 bit cubase?

Yes legit Arturia Analog Factory 64 bit, and a free VST called reDizer. I have used the other for a long time in Cubase 5LE. My other Arturia products, and Massive are working fine and I can pull them up as instruments, but not these two. I have tried redoing the paths, moving the .dll and anytime I restart Cubase with the Analog Factory path it locks up, it won’t even recognize reDizser or it’s path.


You might want to try to trash your prefs…

If windows (sry, no mac here)
Goto: c-users-yourname-appdata-roaming-steinberg-cubase7
Copy all Vst*.xml files to another folder (just in case- dont think its neccesary, but just in case;)
Delete all Vst*.xml files from your cubase folder.
Restart cubase.

Goto devices- plugin information and rescan / apply checkbox / update if necessary.

Try to remove the checkbox, restart cubase and apply the checkbox and update again.

Also, try to reinstall your troubled vsts if nothing helps. (Do you know of any known issues with those plugs / are others also experiencing this or is it confined to your system?)


Try safe mode first

I’ve just ended up sending a support request to Steinberg. I used a free version of Cubase 5LE for awhile, and never had these types of issues with it. Now I decided to upgrade, and I have massive issues.

Yes legit Arturia Analog Factory 64 bit

Are you sure it’s 64bit??

The Steinberg bridge is known to be incompatible with 32bit Analog factory so maybe you got that wrong?

If so you can use 32bit AF in 32bit Cubase, wait for 64bit Analog Factory or buy Jbridge to sort it out.