Problems writting automation with hardware but not with mouse and software? Help!

Hi guys. So i took a month off and just got back in the studio qnd first thing i did was upgrade cubase to the latest update. Before i left for a break i had many projects i was working on without a hitch. So i come back and after the update i cant seem to get automation to be written using hardware midi controller knobs or the hard synth knobs like i use to.
The parameters change as usual but it wont alter (write) automation. So the knobs work fine but the automation just isnt getting written.
If use a mouse and just move the software parameters it works like a charm so i need any and all help to figure this out please!


P.s here is a video


How is the cutoff controlled? Do you use Quick Controls? Or did you assign MIDI Message (CC)?

Hey Martin
Im using CC



Do you mean Steinberg CC121?