procedure for lost/broken elicenser?

hi folks,

i did a search on this but couldn’t find precise confirmation of what happens if you lose or break your dongle.

  • i have a mysteinberg account.
  • my elicenser dongle is registered.
  • my mysteinberg account is correctly showing all the licenses that are on the elicenser.

does that mean i’m now covered in case of failure/loss of the elincenser? what’s the procedure exactly? in the FAQ it states the following with regards replacement:

“…we only replace the licenses stored on the lost/stolen key (if all preconditions are met)”

what are all the preconditions? the ones i listed above?


You should have an elicenser number which I think is also listed in mysteinberg. That together with what you mentioned should be enough if I’m not mistaken.

cool - thanks.

i sure hope so, because my e-licenser somehow doesn’t work anymore… just when i need to work on something. i have a spare, but for an ancient copy of cubase. i will try transfer the licence to a different key at the store where i bought it, or just try to get a new key, if i have troubles i will post them here. fingers crossed.

…be interested to hear how you get on.