Process audition for timestretch not accurate

Hello, something strange happening with the audition (preview) of DOP Timestretch process:
What I hear during the audition preview of the process is not the same after I applied it and listening to the clip…
I am applying simple Elastic pro tape process on a 96khz clip (in a 96k project) to get a slow mo effect and the clip sounds between 50 and 100% slower than what the I heard during audition before clicking apply (I have no time to do precise test of the difference in value yet)… From the first time and same after when I delete all process and start over.
The process works well but it is a bit annoying not to get what I hear when fine tuning the setting of the ratio.
What am I doing wrong?

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Just an idea…
maybe auto apply is doing the changes a second time… try it with auto apply off?

Hello, thank you. I disabled auto apply from the first time I used a dop :relieved:

After further test I am able to give a more accurate mesure of the difference between preview and actual process.
I simply put the ratio at 100 and it confirmed there is a problem with audition: what I hear is about a ratio of 92% (audition plays faster) where it should be equal.
Numbers in the Original and resulting length parameters are identical as they should.
I did several test with different files/clips and projects and the problem seems consistent.
Why does audition does not play what is supposed to be heard?
It seems more and more like a bug to me now.

Well, last time I tried it, it did what it should…
don’t use time stretching that much at the moment…
I will try to check it next time I’m on the DAW