Process > Pitch Envelope - won't work


Running Nuendo 8 on Windows 10 Home, on a practically brand new Dell PC laptop, using a Focusrite Saffire USB2.0 interface.

Installed in June.

I had a problem with using the ‘reverse’ from the ‘right click’ process window. I can reverse audio but ONLY if I get the ‘Process’ dialogue box up by requesting say ‘Normalise’. When the dialogue box pops up, I can ‘delete’ the ‘Normalise’, and then request ‘Reverse’. And it works.

But then a problem developed with the pitch shifting tool. I couldn’t use the ‘Envelope’ pitch shift. Instead the pitch would shift, by whatever amount is showing in the ‘Transpose’ part of the dialogue window.

I researched the problem and trashed preferences. This worked!

But then the problem came back.

I uninstalled Nuendo after trashing the preferences. When I reinstalled Nuendo, I cannot pitchbend using the ‘envelope’ - nothing happens, although the ‘pitch bend’ registers. Instead, the audio is transposed. (Note: I guess I didn’t do a ‘full’ Steinberg removal; some aspects of Steinberg stuff remained installed).

Anyone has any ideas what the problem is?

Thanks thanks