Process Plugin on Audio File / Cubase Crashes!


I have an issue with Cubase 7 / 70.1 (32Bit) on Windows 7 (64Bit), Core-2 6600 @ 2.40Ghz / 4GB Ram / Motu UltraLite/mk3.

Every time I am trying to process and audio file with a vst plugin (steinberg or not), cubase crashes the most of the times (90%) …
meaning loosing all the work i have done and i can’t go now back to cubase 6.5 because the most of the projects are now saved on version 7. I have format again the computer with a clean system and i install again cubase 7.
The result was the same and the same again with the updated version of 7.0.1 … :confused:

any suggestion will be helpful.

if you haven’t used the channel strip then you can go back to c6 with your projects no problem

thanks for the info, the projects are opening like you say, :wink:

but will be a solution for cubase 7 to work propperly ?

maybe with the 7.0.2 update?? :cry: