Processed file stealing focus and other issues

Hello PG,

I have been using Wavelab 7 for many months now and there are still some issues that are bothering me.

Right now I’m using 7.11 build 550

When I have a lot of work to do I will master a new file while a previous file is rendering in the background. Once the previous file has finished rendering it will steal the focus while I’m editing the new file! Besides being annoying, it can also cause me to make an unintentional edit to the newly rendered file.

Is there a way to change this behavior?

In Wavelab 6 markers and Marker titling worked perfectly. In Wavelab 7 there is no way to create a generic marker without a name. Naming a marker “Marker” is useless. It becomes really problematic when you zoom out a bit and see the marker titles overlapping each other. This causes the useless title of “Marker” to cover up intentional marker names that I have created.

In Wavelab 6 control insert gave you many marker options, now in 7 it only allows you to name the marker.

Is this in the works to be corrected?

Some dialog boxes steal focus from Windows. For instance, when I rip a CD, the CD copy dialog box is in an always on top mode and even other programs can not cover it. I don’t mind it be always on top in Wavelab, but it shouldn’t be on top of other programs.

Missing feature: I don’t know what it’s called, but it used to be that if you drag a selected portion of audio to create a new file you had the option of holding control to change the file from mono to stereo. This no longer works. Over the years I have had many uses for that feature.

Empty Wavelab defaults to stereo: This has always been a problem. If I recall presets using Waves mono plugins the waves plugins will fail. Even if there are only mono open files in Wavelab, if I don’t remember to play it for a few seconds, it will assume Stereo and the plugin presets will fail.

99% of my work is mono, is there any way to eliminate this error, or at least an option to change the default?

Thanks for your help,

For the file rendering issue, i agree something should be done.

For markers creation/naming you will find some good new features in 7.2

For the cd grabbing, you can set this window mode off, from the window menu of the dialog.

For the drag and drop mono/stereo conversion, the option is still there, but the modifier keys had to be changed (alt + shit or cont, i’m not in front of my computer now).

For the last suggestion, why not such an option. I have to evaluate the feasibility.

thanks for the quick reply!

I will greatly look forward to 7.2 :slight_smile:


The stealing focus thing is a big issue for me too! It also steals the focus from other apps. Sometimes I’ll write an email while a file is processing, and then it’ll switch back to WL and apply key commands.